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Youth and beauty elixir, Naturesse argan oil is a 100% organic beauty serum, fragrance-free, phenoxyethanol-free, and paraben-free, providing a considerable advantage by avoiding allergic reactions*. It is free from animal-derived ingredients, mineral oils, and chemical dyes. It is not tested on animals.

Argan oil is an essential beauty ally, so it is important to choose the right organic argan oil. Quality at Naturesse is highly controlled, respecting rigorous standards.

It is also important to always verify that it is a cosmetic oil and not for consumption.

Naturesse has created an exceptional and high-end line of products based on argan oil, following an authentic and oriental ritual that Moroccan Berber women, known for their legendary beauty secrets, have used for ages.

A naturally effective line that includes 100% natural, pure, and organic argan oils and prickly pear seed oils.

You will fully enjoy their extraordinary virtues, whether it's for your hair, face, or body!

Naturesse also offers subtly scented oils with delicate fragrances that will enhance your skin and make your massage a pure moment of wonder and escape!

It goes without saying that the Naturesse range also includes beautiful day creams, night creams, and hand creams. These exceptional and effective treatments will nourish and protect your skin thanks to the exceptional moisturizing power of organic argan oil and its content of essential fatty acids and vitamin E.

More products will be added over time, including a line just for men and many others!

Just follow us to stay informed about our new releases.

*While argan oil is reputed to be non-allergenic, some individuals may still be allergic to it. To date, no cases of cosmetic oil allergies have been reported. However, it is recommended to perform a patch test before applying it to your body. Argan trees produce nuts and may contain allergenic elements for some individuals, as is the case with all nuts.

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