Quels produits utiliser pour une peau plus douce et radieuse

What products to use for softer and more radiant skin

  • 21 June, 2023

Don’t we always want to look our best, glowing and full of vitality?


If you want to look your best, with Naturesse Cosmetics, you will learn how to do it in a few simple steps. Here are some tips and tricks to get smooth skin before and after the shower.

Has your skin developed any allergies or reactions? It’s pretty normal. It happens frequently, and that’s why it’s so important to know which bathroom products are right for your skin to ensure you get the best results!

Naturesse Cosmetics cares about the appearance of your skin and that’s why we decided to prepare these 10 minutes essential reading to give you tips on how to care your skin.

Why is it important to take care of your skin during the shower?

The shower is one of the most intimate moments of a woman’s day, so it is precarious that it is a comfortable, worthy moment of being fully appreciated. Offer it to yourself, which it is the ideal moment to take care of your skin and give it the attention it deserves to be radiant!

Plus, it is essential to apply the most suitable bath products for your skin type in order to maintain its hygiene. Not all products will be favorable to you, so you must know their properties and ingredients properly.

Consequences of not taking care of your skin

The list of consequences can be long, but let’s dive in with the most common causes encountered by women. With a good cleansing routine and the right products for your skin, you will avoid or reduce the following causes.


Dryness is a sign of poor skin care. It can be caused by under-use or extreme use (can cause dryness due to frequent use) of these products that help to maintain the skin hygiene.

SOLUTION: Organic cosmetic products are ideal for preventing dry skin. The ingredients do not contain abrasive chemicals that damage the health of your skin, and the results are long-lasting and immediate.


For natural reasons, skin can lose its luminous glow. Caused by excess dead skin cells, dullness requires regular cleansing, exfoliation and hygiene to ensure that your skin is unclogged, clean and radiant.

SOLUTION: Don’t let your skin accumulate dirt and dead skin cells that naturally shed from your body. Using an exfoliator and cleanser will solve your problems by making your skin look and feel radiant.

Loss of elasticity

This is probably one of the most dreaded consequences: skin with little elasticity is a sign of aging. In these cases, the main factor is: nutrition. A well-balanced and healthy diet promotes youthful skin, whose elasticity can be maintained much longer if it is well nourished.

SOLUTION: Follow a balanced diet. Include the following foods in your diet to improve the elasticity of your skin: fish, fruits rich in vitamin C, green vegetables and don’t forget to drink enough water. In addition to a healthy diet for your body and mind, Naturesse Cosmetics also offers solutions for aging skin. An anti-aging night cream with Argan oil and Musk to give you a youthful glow!

4 bathroom products for soft skin

Now that you know some key tips for taking care of your skin, it’s time to discover some bath products that will bring you the best results for soft, smooth and radiant skin.

1. Organic Argan Shampoo

Argan is best known for its natural properties, and although this product is designed for hair and skin care, it also nourishes the scalp. Our shampooing extra doux argan with Camomile moisturizes hair, repairs damaged strands, and it has nourishing properties for the scalp as well as it gives a smooth and shiny appearance.

At Naturesse Cosmetics, you will find our organic argan shampoo mixed with camomile. This perfect combination repairs your hair and restores its balance, leaving it truly soft. Without chemicals, this shampoo will restore strength and vitality to your scalp.

2 Clay: Cleanser and Scrub

Exfoliating and cleansing clay is a very useful, versatile and popular skin care product with our customers. This clay cleans the skin on your face and can also clean your scalp. The clay contains argan oil, which is specially designed to promote deep hydration of the skin.

Its properties vary from revitalizing effects, softness, absorption of impurities and grease, and reduction of skin sebum (mainly on the scalp).

There is no doubt that the cleanser and scrub clay with argan and essential oils will be a great ally for the cleaning and care of your skin.

3. Natural shower gel with argan and lavender

The natural shower gel with argan and lavender will help you relax your body and mind thanks to its powerful weapons: its divine aromas and its natural properties.

Argan and lavender are really appreciated for their properties to regenerate the skins deteriorated by natural or accidental causes: age, aging or serious skin damage. Fortunately, the natural ingredients of argan and lavender and their essences will help you relax your senses and balance your life.

4. Anti-wrinkle night cream

As if that wasn’t enough, we couldn’t miss our special product before bedtime: the anti-wrinkle night cream. The name alone has so much sweetness! We admit it, none of us expect to wake up and find a wrinkle on our faces, what a horror! That’s why this organic night cream with precious prickly pear and verbena oil is ideal for a skin that needs attention.

If we want to have a smooth, soft and healthy appearance, it is recommended to use a night cream after the evening bath to optimize the results. Our anti-wrinkle night cream is amazing because of its cell renewal action, which easily eliminates wrinkles. It also eliminates skin redness, generates elasticity and tones the skin.

Where to find bathroom products for soft skin?

The best place to start your search is at organic and natural product stores. There, you will find a variety of products that are suitable for healthy skin without the risk of adverse consequences. In our online store, you can also find the bathroom products you want, as well as a variety of natural oils, and much more.

It is true that taking care of your skin is not an easy task for many people. Nevertheless, if you care about the health of yours, choosing the right bath products will be a great help. Learning the benefits of argan oil, or knowing the reasons to use organic cosmetics, are two ideas that we wholeheartedly recommend at Naturesse Cosmetics.

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