L’importance de l’innovation : Naturesse Cosmetics se renouvelle et fait peau neuve !

The importance of innovation: Naturesse Cosmetics renews and revamps itself!

  • 21 June, 2023

Innovation is good for everyone and, in general, it is never a bad thing to update or renew something to be up to date and adapted to changing situations. Businesses and companies are a clear example of this: they sometimes renew their logos, slogans and other elements. There is no doubt that innovation is important for a company.

Innovation helps us stand out, and it’s like leaving a mark that is hard to erase. At Naturesse Cosmetics, we have a well-defined and recognizable identity – you know us! However, we decided to renew ourselves in some way.

That’s right, we thought a facelift wasn’t a bad idea and decided to refresh our visual identity, but the quality of our products and our philosophy remain unchanged!

You will still be able to enjoy your favorite products, based on natural oils (pure Argan and Prickly Pear), 100% organic, supporting fair trade and having a healthy ecological footprint. Products that, as you may also know, are proudly made entirely in Quebec, Canada (except the oils, which are of Moroccan origin).

Want to know more? You will discover products with new essential oils and unique features, new packaging with included protection and a new way to pamper your skin, with an amazing accessory! Without further ado, let’s get started!

Discover our new products

At this point, there’s no doubt about innovation: it’s good for the impact it has and helps eliminate monotony. To give a practical example: it’s like pressing the F5 key on a website, to discover what’s new.

And what new products does Naturesse Cosmetics have to offer? We mentioned them superficially above. Let’s talk about them in more detail. We have prepared a list so you can get to know them one by one. We start here:

1. Image

As you can see, our image is different now. We have redesigned it, but our essence remains the same. On the other hand, some of our packaging is also new. We’re talking specifically about the 30 ml bottles and the roll-ons.

And what else is new? Well, all bottles are now recycled. All of our products are environmentally friendly, but we’ve gone a step further by using these bottles. Also, they are now black, which helps protect the contents from UV light. This prevents the contents from being easily damaged and extends their shelf life.

2. New product line

As you might expect, we have also expanded our product line. You know you can still enjoy your old favorites. However, we are pleased to introduce this new product line:

a) Argan Oil Serums with New Essences


You already know all the benefits of argan oil. Its moisturizing and antioxidant properties are unique. And, as you also know, combining it with other essential oils offers a world of therapeutic possibilities for your skin care.

As such, you are probably familiar with classic products such as Argan Oil with Orange Blossom Essence or Argan Oil with Jasmine Essence. Well, our new offerings are along the same lines:

  • Argan serum with grapefruit essential oil
    Grapefruit oil has important purifying (laboratory studies have determined that it is able to eliminate certain pathogens), firming and anti-cellulite properties. It provides collagen.
  • Argan serum with Ylang Ylang essential oil
    Ylang Ylang essential oil is very useful for skin care. It is a great treatment for acne, stretch marks, oily skin and aging. So, you know what you can expect from this wonderful combination.
  • Argan serum with lemon verbena essential oil
    Lemon verbena essential oil is great for nighttime skin care. It helps relax the skin and is an excellent detoxifier. For the hair, it can help clean and nourish it. Skin and hair will look radiant when you use it.

As you can see, these are new alternatives for your personal care that you should not miss. Even better, they are available in different formats: 30 ml bottles and roll-on presentation (10 ml). Convenient to carry in your pocket or purse!


b) Gua Sha

What is Gua Sha? The name may sound strange, but we will explain it to you now: it is a lifting and facial massage tool. The Gua Sha is made of natural rose quartz and white stone. It should be used in conjunction with a pure argan oil serum or combined with essential oils.

Here are some of the benefits you will get after using the Gua Sha:

  • Improved blood circulation and removal of toxins from the lymph nodes. This, in addition to stimulating all layers of the skin. This will give you a brighter and detoxified complexion. It will also help reduce dark circles and puffiness.
  • Fewer wrinkles, and this is thanks to the activation of acupressure points, which also helps to tone and firm the muscles of the face through massage.


c) Special packs

You may also be familiar with the Découverte line: a roll-on kit of essential oils available in several variants. This one is renewed, since it includes four bottles, always in roll-on format, with pure argan oil or mixed with essential oils.

We are also pleased to present another special pack format: Les incontournables. Here is a perfect duo for personal care: a bottle of argan oil with essential oils (which can also vary) and a Gua Sha. Ideal for a firm and radiant skin!


Indulge yourself with the wonderful products of Naturesse Cosmetics

As you’ve already seen, the new Naturesse Cosmetics products that we offer are very interesting. Taking care of yourself is not that complicated with our products, whether they are classics or new products. Do you see why it is good to innovate?

If you are interested in one of them, feel free to buy it from the links in its name or on our website: most of them are in the organic natural oils section. We guarantee you won’t regret it and you’ll enjoy your daily beauty routine better.

Remember that all our products are 100% natural, organic, made in Quebec, fair trade and have a healthy ecological footprint. And we’ve been making them for years, for added reliability. Do you have any questions or comments? Contact us for more information. You can also visit our blog to learn more about our products or get tips like these.

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